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Monday, October 10, 2016

Week of October 10th

Can we talk?????  Students are going to be learning about how the Talk Show format has been in existence since Televisions existed in the United States.  They will then have to create their own short talk show segment.

Short cut keys test 10/21


Q – Trims a video at the beginning
W – Trims video at the end
L-  plays forward in timeline
J - plays backwards in timeline
K + L - plays forward in slow motion
K + J  - plays backward in slow motion
G - allows you to adjust the audio gain
[ Bracket decrease clip volume
] Increase clip volume 
Command L – Links clips together
Command T – Title
Command Z - Undo
Command D – Apply Video Transition
Shift + Command + D – Apply Audio Transition
Command S - Save
Shift D – Places the default transition in a clip
Hold the Command key as you are moving clips over and it pushes the other clips that were in the new position over.
Option + Delete – causes everything to slide over and clip is removed from the timeline.
Command + Arrows Allows you to nudge clip over frame by frame.
Double Click on the scroll bar to see the whole timeline sequence. 

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