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Friday, October 14, 2016

Week of 10/17

Due to various technical issues our Talk Show project due date will now be 10/20.  All projects must be completed by the end of the class period.

We will have our test on the Adobe Premiere Shortcuts on Friday 10/21.  The vocab is posted on my website and also below:


Q – Trims a video at the beginning

W – Trims video at the end

L- plays forward in timeline

J - plays backwards in timeline

K + L - plays forward in slow motion

K + J - plays backward in slow motion

G - allows you to adjust the audio gain

[ Bracket decrease clip volume

] Increase clip volume

Command L – Links clips together

Command T – Title

Command Z - Undo

Command D – Apply Video Transition

Shift + Command + D – Apply Audio Transition

Command S - Save

Shift D – Places the default transition in a clip

Hold the Command key as you are moving clips over and it pushes the other clips that were in the new

position over.

Option + Delete – causes everything to slide over and clip is removed from the timeline.

Command + Arrows Allows you to nudge clip over frame by frame.

Double Click on the scroll bar to see the whole timeline sequence.

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