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Sunday, October 30, 2016

WEEK OF OCT. 31 - NOV. 4

Students should be finishing recording, writing, voicing and editing their news stories.  Projects are due Thursday.  We will also have a test on Friday 11/4 over various jobs in a newsroom.  Here is the list of jobs you need to know for the test:


graphic designer - conveys information visually through the use of color, graphics, images, and animation that support the script. 

news director - Manages newsroom staff.  Demonstrates many skills, including writing, editing, interviewing and announcing news coverage of all types. 
producer and assistant producers - decides which stories to cover in a news program and coordinates the details of the program
camera crew takes video footage of an event for a television broadcast
assignment editor-monitors scanners, manages news crews, makes beat checks and generates story ideas.
script writer - works with the producer and the reporters to develop a fluent narration of scripts that keeps the show moving. 
reporter - researches a topic, interviews key players, and presents his or her findings on a television news program
newscaster or news anchor - presents a news show on television, radio or the Internet.
lighting director - Responsible for designing, arranging and controlling all lighting.

audio mixer/sound mixer/sound supervisor - Responsible for sound balance of a program.  They are in charge of determining the number of microphones and their placement required for the production.

editor - Selects, compiles and cuts video and audio to produce programs.  They may assemble clips and segments into programs.

set designer - Responsible for conceiving, designing and organizing sets for a production.

director- visualizes the script by instructing camera operators on the type of shots wanted then selects the best shots for the final production.

floor manager - Cues talent and directs the floor crew.  Responsible for organization, safety and security in the studio.

stereographer - The camera operator of 3D film or one who supports 3D equipment in a 3D film.

List 5 jobs that use video:  Where is video used?
         *Advertising industry
         *Motion picture studios
         *Law firms - taping testimony or creating video wills
         *Real Estate-video tours of homes and properties
         *Education - lessons, projects, athletic events
         *Corporations - presentations, training
         *Music industry
         *Insurance-videotaping contents or homes or damage after a

         *Law enforcement/Armed Services - training

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