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Sunday, March 18, 2018

3/19 - 3/23

Students have begun working on Project #5.  Scripts are due this Tuesday 3/19 and the finalized video project is due on Wednesday 3/28.  Once scripts or storyboards are turned in, students may begin recording their projects.

We will have a test on Thursday this week on lighting terms that were handed out to students last week.  The terms can also be found in their class schoology accounts under "Materials" in the folder labeled AV/Film II & III Vocabulary Terms.

We have a Friday show this week, so I will be filming various show segments with one of the class periods.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Students are finishing up Projects 4, which are due on Wednesday 3/14.  Once done, they may begin planning for their next projects.  On Friday of this week, each class will watch the projects that were turned in on Wednesday to critique each other's work and to select content for an upcoming Friday Show.  We will be covering lighting terms this week and will have a test the following week on the terms.  We will also soon begin reviewing for the EOPA.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Students are working on their 4th projects.  Some students have already decided what they are working on next.  This week will be dedicated to videotaping and editing.  Project #4 is due on 3/14.  Students have plenty of time to really work on being creative with their story lines and how they record and edit these projects.  I have encouraged them to push themselves each time to try something different in their projects whether it is in how they shoot the project or how they edit it or both.

We have a test this week on different kinds of Microphones.  Most classes have received the vocab hand out already, but if you did not get it on Friday, you will get the vocab on Monday.  Also don't forget all vocab is in Schoology.

We will record the intros for this week's Friday show by Tuesday of this week and then the show will air on Friday 3/9.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week of 2/26

Welcome back students!  Hope everyone is rested and refreshed and ready to get right to work on our Video projects we started before break because they are due on Wednesday of this week.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

FEB 12 - FEB 16

While we will not have a show this Friday, students should be working on projects that will be due on 2/28.

We will go over some vocabulary terms this week and will be tested on them on Thursday.

On Friday we will have a guest speaker from the Art Institute of Atlanta.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

2/5 - 2/9/2018

Students should finish any projects for the Valentine's Day Show by no later than Tuesday of this week.  These projects were actually due on 2/2, but I have given groups some extra time.  We are recording the show on Tuesday and will air it this Friday.

Students will then begin brainstorming for the next project which will be due on 2/14.  They must submit their ideas and then begin scripting or storyboarding.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


One project comes to an end and another begins!  We have wrapped up our first projects and are ready to begin our new projects.  The projects we start this week will be for our Valentine's Day Show.  I have added ideas to the jar that apply to videos you can do this month if you are looking for ideas.