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Monday, September 4, 2017


Hope everyone had a restful Labor Day weekend!  Please check Schoology as I have added vocab we will be going over the next couple of weeks.  You will have a test on the terms the week of 9/18.   We will continue producing videos that can be incorporated into our show.  As discussed on Friday we may work on creating a show on either an every other week schedule or Monthly schedule.  We want the show to showcase our best work and to ensure it shows the good things going on at our school.

Last week we addressed how students are graded on employability skills.  Students should exhibit good work habits every day. Here is some information on what was discussed.
Audio Video and Film is a Career Elective.  Teachers instruct students on not only the subject matter, but on qualities needed to maintain a job.  These skills are required to be taught as a GA Department of Education Performance Standard. 
You and your parents can monitor workplace behavior issues by looking in the gradebook at employability grades and checking the comments.  Comments are added in the gradebook identifying the problem(s) encountered throughout the production of a project.  Ten points are taken off for each infraction. 
Off task:  Unapproved Cell phone use (texting friends, making phone calls, facetime, playing games or anything not class/project related.), Using class computers to play games, watch movies or TV, sleeping in class. 
Safety:  Careless Handling of Equipment & Lab computers, Not putting equipment back neatly on shelf, Horseplay, Eating or Drinking in Edit Bay
Communication:  Use of Profanity, Disruption to lab environment, Disrespectful treatment of co-workers, supervisors, visitors.  

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